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Welcome to Sonora Lodging, your source of information for lodging and hospitality in the state of Sonora, Mexico – on the U.S.-Mexico border, located south of Arizona.

The state of Sonora is one of the largest states in Mexico. Its natural environment transitions from High Sonoran desert in the north to semi-tropical in the south, thousands of miles of coastline along the Gulf of California to the west and the Chihuahuan desert and Sierra Madre mountain range in the east.

In addition to this diversity of terrain and environments, Sonora also has a variety of places to visit, from big cities and seaside resorts to rustic and colonial pueblos, as well as a rich blend of history and cultures waiting to be explored.

The Sonora lodging and travel information on Sonora Lodging is organized in five main areas of the state: the Border Region, Northern Sonora, Coastal Sonora, Central Sonora and Southern Sonora. Each area of the state has its own unique places to visit and experience.

The goal of this site is to help you learn about Sonora and its history, places and people, while finding the best places to stay and visit.

We have traveled for years in Sonora and have seen the best (and worst) it has to offer, so we hope to share our experiences and travel tips with you, while helping you to connect with a great place to stay while you are here.

And if you are planning a trip or otherwise have questions about travel in Sonora, please let us know, and we will do our best to answer them or recommend someone who can be of assistance.

Thank you for visiting Sonora Lodging!

The Border

Have fun in a Sonoran border town, buy duty-free goods or visit a great Nogales dentist

Southern Sonora

Explore the rich biodiversity of the natural environment and unique colonial elegance

Coastal Sonora

The Sonoran coast with the Sea of Cortez has everything from resorts to fishing villages

Northern Sonora

Get to know the real flavor of Mexico, just a short drive from the Arizona border