Coastal Sonora

Beautiful beaches and amazing accommodations

The Mexican state of Sonora has hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline along the Sea of Cortez, in the Gulf of California. Along that coastline where the desert meets the sea are resorts, small fishing villages and miles of open coast for you to explore and enjoy.

The seaside resort town of Puerto Peñasco is closest to the Arizona border, and as such is a popular tourist destination for visitors from Arizona, California and other U.S. points of origination. It features beautiful beaches with upscale hotels and rental condominiums, and of course has some other fun places to visit like a tequila factory, bars and eateries.

Other popular coastal destinations like Kino Bay and San Carlos are a short drive from the state capital of Hermosillo, and are also accessible with about a six-hour drive from the Arizona border.

And while the popular seaside resort communities of Puerto Peñasco and San Carlos are perhaps the best-known destinations for visitors to the Sonoran coast, there are also smaller hotels in more private (and less commercially developed) spots like El Desemboque and Huatabampito, where you can enjoy a more secluded beachside experience.

The Border

Have fun in a Sonoran border town, buy duty-free goods or visit a great Nogales dentist

Southern Sonora

Explore the rich biodiversity of the natural environment and unique colonial elegance

Coastal Sonora

The Sonoran coast with the Sea of Cortez has everything from resorts to fishing villages

Northern Sonora

Get to know the real flavor of Mexico, just a short drive from the Arizona border