El Desemboque

Sleepy seaside fishing village

El Desemboque (pronounced dess-em-boe-kay) is a very small fishing village about an hour’s drive west of Caborca, not far from the coastal community of Puerto Lobos. The town of approximately 300 inhabitants shares a name with one of two main communal areas of the Seri people, which is located farther south. The name Desemboque in the Seri language is Haxöl Iihom.

Here the water is warm and inviting, and during the week the beach is generally not crowded (except during the springtime Easter semana santa vacations), as gringos typically opt for more developed areas like Rocky Point.

The area was opened as a free trade zone in the 1990s by Mexican President Vicente Fox, and foreigners have been buying up much of the land around the area. For now though, it’s still a small, quiet fishing village where you can enjoy the beauty and solitude of the sea.

Although there are a couple of restaurants and “mini-supers” in town, Desemboque doesn’t yet offer much in the way of tourist services. There is only one hotel, although it is in a location on the beach. So, if planning to have a picnic or grill on the beach, before leaving Caborca or Puerto Peñasco you’ll need to stop by a grocery store to buy what you need.

El Desemboque is basically a sleepy little fishing village, where most of the friendly residents are engaged at some level of commercial fishing. If you leave the main road, watch out for soft spots of sand, if you don’t pass through them with a sufficient amount of speed you’ll get stuck. If that happens though, one of the vehicles on the beach that brings in the fishing boats will be glad to help pull you out.