Hermosillo Sonora

The Sonora state capital of Hermosillo

The state capital of Sonora is the city of Hermosillo, located approximately 175 miles south of Nogales. The city counts 650,000 residents and is the seat of the municipality of Hermosillo, which includes approximately 700,000 inhabitants.  Hermosillo’s vibrant manufacturing sector is the backbone of the city’s industrial base, with more than 100 factories – including a Ford Motor Company assembly plant.

Settlements in this area were originally established in the early 1700’s, when several towns were established here by Spanish inhabitants. Its first designation as an established settlement came in 1741, when it was officially proclaimed “El Presidio de Pitic.”

The city received its current name in 1828 in honor of general José María González de Hermosillo, who was recognized for distinguished service during the country’s 1810 war for independence.  It became the state capital in 1879.

Hermosillo has withstood several invasions over history, including a takeover by French troops in 1852, a trading of possession between republican and imperialist troops in 1866, and an attack by the forces of Francisco “Pancho” Villa in 1915.   In addition, it was the capital of Mexico for five months in 1910, during the Mexican Revolution.

Today’s Hermosillo is a thriving city with a variety of tourist and business destinations and a wide array of lodging options.