Nogales, Sonora

Across the border from Nogales, Arizona

nogales metal mariachis

This bustling border city of 225,000 residents has experienced rapid growth in the last 30 years due to its burgeoning maquiladora industry. Maquiladoras are cross-border factories that allow foreign investors to receive economic incentives when they establish a manufacturing operation in Mexico, and many U.S. and other multinational corporations have facilities here.

Nogales is also a major port of entry for international commerce, as one of the busiest border crossings along the southern U.S. border. During the winter months, as much as 60 percent of the fresh fruits and vegetables entering the United States pass through the Nogales ports of entry.

And of course, tourism is a major draw for international visitors.

In addition to the traditional tourist fare of curios, liquor and other Mexican products, Nogales has recently become a major destination for tourists seeking medical and dental care, as well as discounted pharmacy products.

As a result, the Nogales border district and other areas of Nogales have welcomed highly skilled dentists from some of Mexico’s major dental centers, who have established modern dental clinics that offer state-of-the-art dental care at prices that cost less than 60 percent of what dentists charge north of the border.

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