Northern Sonora

Northern Sonora offers a taste of Mexico within a short drive of the Arizona-Mexico border.

With magnificent Sonoran desert scenery, flora and fauna as a backdrop, the region has historic sites ranging from an archaeological treasure at Trincheras to a number of Franciscan missions that were built in locations where the Jesuit priest Eusebio Francisco Kino first established churches in the late 17th century.

The highways in Northern Sonora are maintained in good condition, so you can enjoy the desert scenery from the road as you have an enjoyable drive between the cities and pueblos of the region.

Driving south from Nogales you will pass through Imuris, Magdalena de Kino and Santa Ana, Sonora. Then turn right on Mexico highway 2 and you will pass by Trincheras and through Altar, Pitiquito and Caborca on your way to the Sonoran coast.

Northern Sonora Landscape

There is always and event to enjoy at one of the pueblos and cities of this region, such as annual festivals dedicated to a patron saint or historic event, or one of the traditional Mexican holidays.

In addition, Northern Sonora has some fascinating archaeological sites, such as the “Sonoran Pyramid” at Trincheras, an ancient structure of rock terraces, and Rancho Puerto Blanco, near Caborca, has the greatest concentration of petroglyphs in Latin America.

And perhaps the greatest treasure of Northern Sonora is its people. Not only are they friendly and welcoming, but residents of Northern Sonora have rich cultural and historical traditions that they are happy to share with visitors.

Main cities and pueblos in Northern Sonora include Heroica Caborca, Pitiquito, Altar, Trincheras, Magdalena de Kino, Santa Ana and Imuris.

The Border

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Southern Sonora

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Coastal Sonora

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Northern Sonora

Get to know the real flavor of Mexico, just a short drive from the Arizona border