Sonora, Mexico

Mexico's second-largest state is a treasure

Sonora is the second-largest state in Mexico with respect to geographic size, with a land area of approximately 72,000 square miles. It is also one of the more prosperous states in the United States of Mexico, not just because of its proximity to the U.S., but because it has a well-educated population and strong business sectors.

If you are looking for the “old Mexico” experience, of course there are many pueblos that have historic buildings and traditions to enjoy. However, Sonora also offers modern, urban experiences in its big cities, as well as world-class beachside resort experiences.

For purposes of organization, we have divided the state into five main areas:

The Border Region – this includes the main towns and cities that are just across the border, most of which have a sister city in Arizona.

Northern Sonora – this is the inland north region of Sonora, mostly on the western side of the state. It includes towns and cities that are a short drive from the border and offer a comfortable and fun cultural immersion experience.

Central Sonora – the main population center in the central portion of the state is the state capital of Hermosillo, a bustling city of 700,000 that is the hub of economic and social activity in the state. We are also going to integrate lodging along the Rio Sonora region of central and north-central Sonora.

Coastal Sonora – one of the biggest draws for visitors to the state are its hundreds of miles of beaches along the Sea of Cortez. Tourist attractions vary from luxurious seaside resorts to small hotels, and even undeveloped areas where the sea and desert combine.

Southern Sonora – With two large cities, the colonial treasure of Alamos that has been bestowed the honor of being a “magic pueblo,” and a rich and varied history and culture, Southern Sonora has many areas to explore and enjoy, with comfortable lodging options when it is time to rest.