Southern Sonora

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Mural in the Palacio Municipal of Huatabampo, Sonora

The southern region of the Mexican state of Sonora offers unique cultures, history, a thriving agricultural industry and a natural environment that is at the northern edge of a semi-tropical region.

The natural environment of Southern Sonora provides a more tropical contrast to the arid northern desert of the state. The south is more verdant and has an agricultural region that is one of Mexico’s largest producers of fruits and vegetables, produce that is also exported to the United States and other countries.

Southern Sonora is also rich in culture and history, and is home to large concentrations of indigenous Sonorans like the Yaqui and Mayo peoples.

Perhaps the most popular tourism destination in Southern Sonora is Alamos, Sonora, also known as “The City of Gates.” Alamos is a colonial gem nestled between verdant hills about 20 miles northeast of the city of Navojoa, Sonora. The pueblo of Alamos has received the designation of “Pueblo Magico” (magical town) from the Mexican national tourism commission, a title it richly deserves, because Alamos, Sonora is truly a magical place.

Southern Sonora is home to the second largest city in the state, Ciudad Obregon. The thriving metropolis is named after Alvaro Obregon, a Mexican revolutionary general, hero and president who was born in Southern Sonora.

Other cities of note include the agricultural industry center of Navojoa, Sonora, the charming colonial pueblo of Alamos, Sonora and the southernmost city in Sonora, Huatabampo.



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