The Border

Border towns just across the Arizona line

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The Mexican state of Sonora shares a border with Arizona, and the border area northern border towns of Sonora are popular places for Arizonans, especially winter residents, to visit.

The border towns of Nogales and Agua Prieta offer discounted and duty-free alcohol and tobacco products (although there are limits, and you must cross the border when purchasing them), in addition to the traditional border shopping selections of curios, jewelry, clothing, footwear and other inexpensive products.

In addition to coming to the border for shopping and just to have fun, visitors are more frequently taking advantage of the excellent, low-cost dental care and discount pharmacies.

So when you cross the border, you may find that you are having so much fun that you may want to spend more time in Mexico.

Or perhaps you are planning on traveling farther into Sonora, but it is getting dark and you decide to get a border city hotel so you can start your journey the next morning without having to cross the border.

No problem, whether you are on the border for business or pleasure, all of the Arizona-Sonora border towns have comfortable lodging for your stay.


Agua Prieta



San Luis Rio Colorado

The Border

Have fun in a Sonoran border town, buy duty-free goods or visit a great Nogales dentist

Southern Sonora

Explore the rich biodiversity of the natural environment and unique colonial elegance

Coastal Sonora

The Sonoran coast with the Sea of Cortez has everything from resorts to fishing villages

Northern Sonora

Get to know the real flavor of Mexico, just a short drive from the Arizona border